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The History of Ekotex

Posted on October 02 2015


Yoga began without a need for equipment, practiced on to the ground or with simple cotton sheets primarily outdoors. As it grew in popularity and into cooler climates, yoga made its way indoors. This is where Ekotex began its journey. Founded in Edinburgh in 2003 with a desire to produce eco concisely whilst staying true to the heart of yoga. The Balance and Asana mats were born. 


The success of the mats were dependant on feedback from lifelong teachers and students beginning their yoga journey. This was invaluable, providing a true insight into the shortfalls of the traditional mats on offer. Those who were trying to learn required a mat with greater grip, giving students a sense of security from first touch. The Grip Sticky was born providing ample cushion and grip whilst absorbing sweat. The Karma TPE offers students a devine grip on a beautiful surface. It was from this feedback that the dialogue demanded other yoga equipment was produced with the same values, the range naturally grew to include bricks, blocks and belts 

The future for Ekotex knows no bounds, perhaps adding a clothing range to the brand which reflects the eco conscious and traditional principles which the brand has been built upon.

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